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Pictures and sound reorganizes when rendering - Should I buy?

Der Videoscribers

I have tried the 7 days trial version, and was initially very happy with the product. I made my first video using both own pictures and sound, but after having worked several hours i tried to render and xport the small movie. The result was very disappointing. After rendering half of the movie was reorganized so sound and pictures didn't match. Also when I tried using an older version of the program and scaling the pictures - as suggested in the forum. 

I ended up being so frustrated - that I quit the program for a couple of days. Today I thought I would try it out again - but now my account have been blocked as the free trial period have run out. So here goes the question. 

Is it really possible to actually export the Videoscribe properly - and you somehow please show me? If I decide to buy the program - how do I know this problem will not appear again? 

Hope you can help me out

Best regards


Haha. Thanks a lot. But it doesn't solve the issue. Believe me. 

Hi Stefan, the best I can do is give them the same canvas position which will group them into the same place.

I have done this and saved a copy of the scribe to your online directory.

Thanks, Joe

Dear  Joe. 

Hurray. It worked. Thanks a lot for all your help. Thjis time the program was efficient and very easy to use. I am very satisfied the the product - and really appreciate all your help. 

On last question. At the end of my video, a few images "jumps" when shifting camera positions. Do you know what causes that mistakes?

Best regards


Hi Stefan, that is usually caused by a slight shift when you selected the image on the canvas.

If you are setting the camera, my advice would be to get the right camera position and select the item in the element tray then set the camera. Ensure you do not double click on the item in the elements tray.

Using this method will ensure that you do not move the image.

Thanks, Joe

Dear Joe

Have followed your advice, but some images stille shake at the end of my scribe. Is there anywthing else I can do?

It is still saved online - and i have also purchased the pro version now. 

Best regards 


Hi Stefan

Could you let us know which scribe as there are several versions saved online and also which images are showing the shaking?


Andy Hardyman

Hi Andy. 

Its called: 

Meningsdanner NEW Sparkol EDIT

Hi Stefan,

Apologies that it has taken a while to get back to you.

On further investigation this is a bug in VideoScribe. If you play from near the end of the scribe you do not get the shake effect.

I have logged it with our development team who will look into it further.

Sorry I can't be more helpful at this point.


Hi Andy Does that man that the problem cant be solved? I would vera much like to have a version without the elements shaking for my presentation next week. Stefan
Hi Stefan,

Leave it with me for a while - I will see if there is a workaround that I can come up with


Hi Stefan,

I have spent some time on your scribe and I cannot really improve on the shaking problem so as I said it is logged as a bug and I am sorry that I cannot be more helpful at this stage.

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