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I did a VideoScribe PRO on a yearly subscription, and I just received a monthly payment notification!

How can I do to stop it?

sorry for the size of the font, but I have no idea what happened to it as well! :D 

 While you await a reply from customer support, here are some threads about cancelling your monthly subscription:

Cancel your subscription – Paypal

Cancel your subscription – BlueSnap

-Mike (videsocribe user)

Thanks a lot Mike, but I would prefer to have some help from some person working for Sparkol indeed,

I am afraid to make some mistake doing on my own this stuff.

Thank you very  much and waiting for a customer support from Sparkol.



well I delete the automatic monthly payment to Sparkol, I hope I'll receive my money back soon.

Many thanks!

Hi Teresa, your account should now be updated.

Thanks, Joe

many thanks! 

I'm having issues myself!  Trying to cancel my monthly pro subscription but the pages are taking me in circles and not to my bluesnap control panel to cancel it!  sent feedback and an email off to get help.  Still waiting for reply.

Hi Renee

I think Andy's answered your feedback query now.

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