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Save file online with custom hands

I have a work computer and a home computer and work from both often. At work I created a scribe which used some custom hands that I had imported. I saved my scribe file online like I usually do and all seemed fine. When I got home and opened my scribe file from the online save it did not have my custom hands, but rather reverted to the default hand for all instances. How can I save my custom hands so that my scribe stays intact?

This MIGHT fix it:

1) On the home computer, go to your online scribes (here on the website):

2) download the scribe to the home computer

3) IMPORT the scribe by clicking this button:

and see if the custom hands are back. (it may not work if you have already resaved the online scribe from home)

(this process fixed a similar known bug which causes the voiceover to be missing in some cases)

Hope that helps,

Mike (videoscribe user)

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