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Low resolution of built-in font

When I use one of the built-in fonts, the font looks fuzzy.

When I use BLOCK, the outline of the letters is drawn nice and sharp, but when the hand completes a letter and it gets filled - the letter's shape becomes fuzzy and unprofessional.

To check whether this might be due to some pecularity of my project, I created a fresh scribe project (attachment 2) and did not change the default size of the fiont - only set the camera closer to the font. The results were the same. 

Is this a known issue? What can i do to resolve it?

+1 from me. 

This issue is more then 1 year old and there is still blurring text in Videoscribe.   

I believe some changes were introduced in later versions re: the built-in font resolution. However, I switched to using custom fonts only, it seems they don't suffer from the same issue.

I am facing same problem. Fonts are not sharp like svg images. I tried to create svg text from inkscape but it doesnt draw well. Check the attached image and look the word JOB. its pathetic. :( 


There might still be a problem with large text being blurry, but the word JOB is pixelated because of your font choice.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike.

Can you suggest me a good outline font?

I did some changes this time. check the image. I used inkscape to create svg file. Its a long process, creating a new layer and hiding the text with a stroke to make videoscribe draw it smoothly. its a long process. 

So if you know any good outline font, please do suggest me.

Thanks again.


I don't know much about specific fonts. I would import 5 or 10 outline fonts into videoscribe and test them on words scaled large, then pick the best one.

It may be a good idea to remove most of the fonts you are not using from videoscribe, because they take up memory I believe. (I do not mean to remove them from your computer, just remove them from inside videoscribe)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Anyone knows a good sans-serif font? I'm trying to build something using big letters - but all the fonts I'm trying comes out like this:


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