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Can't log in

Hi i can't log in into my scribe....keeps telling me am logged in already with another machine and now it's saying invalid password/username. Please can someone help ASAP coz am working on a project


My guess is that you may be using a laptop.

If so, your laptop is almost certainly disabling your internet connection (low power mode) when it is not in use, or when the laptop is closed, The result is that videoscribe logs you out on your laptop but cannot send a logout message to the sparkol server.  That would result in the "already logged in " error when you try to resume.

Rebooting your laptop MIGHT help or you may have to wait 10 or 15 minutes. Also make a habit of saving your work and closing videoscribe before closing your laptop. You may want to change your laptop power settings if you feel the network card going into sleep mode too soon.

The invalid username password might just be a result of caps lock or accidentally mistyping due to the frustration of the other error. Clear both fields and type them again.

hope that helps,

Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Joshua, if you are currently logged in on a single PC and you get this message, it should clear after 5 minutes.

If the PC you're on loses connection to our server this may happen and is more common on laptops because of the power saving settings.

Please advise if you're still having issues with this but I'm assuming you have been able to get back on now?

Thanks, Joe

I cannot log into my account because it tells me I need a pro account, but I need to present my projects, what do I do?

it sounds like your 7 day free trial is ended. In general that means you need to pay for a subscription if you want to continue using videoscribe. Click the ACCOUNT link at the top of this page and then click the BUY link.

If you think you just need one extra day on your free trial, you could try contacting customer support to ask if they can give you an extra day. I don't know what guidelines they follow when making that decision.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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