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Export runs too fast

VideoScribe has been working fine since my purchase 4 months ago. Recently, when I build a Mov file and save it to the drive, or export to youTube, it runs at double the speed.

When I reload and run it in VideoScribe, it works fine. Only when I export it, it runs way too fast. 

Please help.


1) is this happening with one scribe or multiple scribes?

2) do you use more than one computer or have you started using a different computer than you used to use for videoscribe?

3) what frame rate are you using when you export the video?

4) are you reprocessing it in any other software?

5) what version of videoscribe are you using? (log in and click the videoscribe pen logo)

if you re using 1.3.30 or 1.3.31 or 1.3.32, you may want to uninstall it and install 1.3.26

6) without more info, my only suggestion you could try using "save as a new copy and close" to save it with a new name and then try rendering it again.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thank you for the reply Mike.

1. It has happen on one Scribe. earlier versions Exported Ok. Made a few minor changes and this started happening. I saved it as a new name and tried again. Same thing happen.

2. Just using one computer

3. I was saving it at 25 fps 640 x 360 Mov file 

4. No reprocessing. Direct Scribe exports.

5. Version 1.3.31 Pro Edition

*** Update; I tried it again but saved it as a FLV file. It worked, but it is 3 times the file size. (Mov file is 96 mb, FLV file is 296 mb)

I can work to convert the FLV file and compress into different format, but perhaps there is an answer why the Mov file will not export properly?

Thank you for your help.


Be sure to try suggestion number 6 which sometimes solves problems like the one you mentioned.

You may want to uninstall 1.3.31 (which was recalled) and install 1.3.26 (currently available on the download page) (note: even if you have uninstalled 1.3.31 and installed 1.3.26, it may still tell you that you are using 1.3.31)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Brent.

That's an interesting 'feature' you've found.  We've never seen it before.

Some excellent suggestions from Mike.

If you've still got the issue, we'd like to take a look - and help you fix it, of course :)

I am also having trouble exporting .Mov
It just looks weird after it exports even if I put it up to 100% quality.


Benny, can you explain what you mean by "looks weird?" Is it grainy, are things choppy with their tansitions?

I am using the beta version so I am presently in dialog with the guys on that channel, but it seems to be some type of Halo/effect around the letters when I export. That is not there when I export .FLV
Just thought it was odd that Brent was experiencing problems with the .Mov as well


Hi Brent,

Version 1.3.31 had some rendering issues so the first thing I would recommend is to install version 1.3.26 and try saving another new copy and rendering again to a mov file.

Thank you Andy. I downloaded 1.3.26. When I click to install it, the Wizard does not say anything about install? My options are;

  • The Setup Wizard will allow you to change the way the Sparkol VideoScribe features are installed on your computer or even to remove Sparkol VideoScribe from your computer. Click Next to continue or close the window to exit the Setup Wizard. 

  • Next Screen Options; 

  1.  Modify - Allows user to change the way features are installed
  2. Repair - Repairs errors in the most recent installation state - fixes missing or corrupt files, shortcuts registry entries.
  3. Remove - Removes Sparkol VideoScribe from your computer.

Also, rather than moving all of my PC files to online storage (what happens to duplicates? overwrite?) then Uninstall/reinstall on my PC (what are program x86 files ?), I think that it will be much easier to just export to FLV format and wait until your next upgrade comes out that fixes this.

Can I assume that the next upgrade would fix this, and that the next up would not require a total unstall/reinstall to upgrade?

Thanks much,


Hi Brent,

It sounds like you haven't uninstalled VideoScribe first - uninstalling will not remove your scribes.

Yes, the next version will fix this so if you are happy to use the FLV option for now that would save you the trouble of uninstalling.

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