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Having Trouble Sharing Video on Youtube

 Hi there,

First off, I like to say how much I am enjoying VideoScribe!  Thanks for a great tool.

I have a pro account and just finished my fist video.  I tried to share it on Youtube but I keep getting an error message that my login details for Youtube are incorrect.

I already have a channel with Youtube which I have used to share videos on before.  My Youtube account is also verified so I'm not sure what the problem could be.

Is  there any other way to get this video onto Youtube besides through VS interface, if there's no other solution?

Thanks in advance.


You can save the video to your computer, log in to youtube in a web browser, and upload the video.

-mike (videoscribe user)

This is not working for me.  The message I get from Youtube following the method above is:
"you have uploaded and archive file, not a video file."

Then it gives me a list of files I am able to upload.

When I download the file it is a .scribe, I have no option to change this.


Hi Gabriella,

It sounds like you used the 'Export to File' option from the home screen if you created a .scribe file.

You need to go through the 'Create Video' process

and then in the options for publishing chose to save to your computer

Then you can try and manually upload to Youtube



If I do this for uploading to YouTube, what do you suggest is the best video format to select in Videoscribe?


Hi Jeff, if you're publishing the video and saving it to your desktop I would suggest publishing as an FLV file.

Selecting the option to publish directly to Youtube does not require any additional render settings.

Publishing directly from the Youtube option of VideoScribe will create the video  will render at 1280x720, 25Fps as a WMV file (which Youtube will convert after VS uploads it).

Thanks, Joe

I finished my scribe yesterday afternoon and have been trying ever since then to upload it to Youtube (or share it in any way possible), as it is due to my boss TODAY.  I've read all the posts, watched the tutorials, and made sure it wasn't a Youtube problem, but nothing works.  I had hoped to recommend this program to my co-workers, but at this point I am super frustrated and ready to cancel my subscription,  Any help you can give me today to get my scribe to the point of sharing/submitting, would be greatly appreciated. 

Hi Stacy,
Please provide more information:
1) Are you a free trial user or a paying user?
2) what version of videoscribe are you using?
3) mac or PC
4) if you have a paid membership try to render your video as a quicktime mov  or flv and then upload it to youtube through
5) export and attach your scribe file (not the video) here, or save it online and tell support the name of it if you want specific help.
6) renderig problems often result from oversized images, excessive camera settings, and in newer versions of videoscribe,  using WMV export, certain fonts, and other misc things that can be avoided.

link: Videoscribe freezes or crashes (opening, playing, working, saving, rendering or uploading)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I finished my 2 scribes and continuously trying to upload them to youtube but it is very disappointing that it is showing same error again and again . Despite all my efforts, finally it is not working for me . can i get my money refund? i m frustrated..kindly help.

you didn't mention what the error message was.

if you want help figuring out why your scribe won't render or upload to youtube, you can save your scribe project  to the cloud folder and tell customer support the name of it here, or in a support ticket.

or you can save the project as a .scribe file and attach it here for help from videoscribe users.

if you want to discuss a refund with customer support,  you can do that with a support ticket as well. Star by clicking "YOUR TICKETS" at the top of this page, then open a support ticket.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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