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cancel account


i wish to cancel my account, i cant remember how i paid for it (was a year ago!) 

i have followed your guide but its not showing up in Paypal

i can not see the

BlueSnap control panel

link either

help would be appreciated

many thanks


Hi Alex, I had a look and checked your subscription. 

The subscription type you have basically means that your Pro subscription is due to expire automatically when the period is up so you do need need to manually cancel it.

You're welcome back any time of course!

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe,

thank you for looking into it for me



 I did not use your site barely and I want to quit to do it now.

                So, would you cancel my account and delete my information completely. ?

                Thanks for your help and Your early reply will be appreciated.

                Hope good news!

Hi Irene,

you should probably open a new support ticket instead of posting in someone else's thread.

(If you are a free member there is nothing to cancel.)
(Most companies will not delete user information completely because they need to keep certain information for recordkeeping, renewals, or returning users.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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