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Help me please! After installing the Videoscribe (free) is not updated, and the screen freezes. Operating system Windows 8.

Sincerely, Ilya.

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Hi Ilya

Can you explain what you mean by 'not updated'?

What does it freeze on?

Please add a screenshot if you think it will help.


Sorry, I meant the program does not download library. The initial screen appears and nothing else happens. Sorry for my english)))

Ah I see.

Please restart your machine and see if that enables it to see the internet connection.

If not, and you're at home, please restart your router.

If you're at a place of work this link may help - Can't use VideoScribe in my place of work or school

Thank you, Ian!

All OK!!! I just with VideoScribe launched the Enternet Explorer! And it worked!

Thank you very much)))

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