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History of art images


I am trying to make a movie on the history of art. I was wondering about subscribing to your website, however I am not sure you will have the drawings required in your library. I was wondering if you could send me as a printscreen all the pics you have in your history and art library. Basically I'm trying to draw an history of inspiration, starting from prehistoric ages to nowadays so I need drawings of prehistoric man, painters characters, king, queen, horses, horse-drawn carriage....

Do you think I should be able to do it using videoscribe?



Hi Chloe,

You certainly will be able to do that with VideoScribe.

You will find some, but not all, of what you are looking for in the VideoScribe libraries. 

For the images that are not there you might find some at SVG Studio and there are plenty of images available online in places such as and all these images can be easily imported into VideoScribe

We would recommend using svg files in VideoScribe as they draw much better.

Andy Hardyman

 In addition to what Andy wrote, I would point out that you can sign up and use the program for free for one week with access to much of the library (but not the pro images). As he said, you will almost certainly need to get some of your images from another source.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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