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Extend trial version

Hi, today is my last day for free trial - only yesterday i was able to successfully create my first project. Later i found out that it is this 31 version that has the audio/video sync issue and hence would like to revert back to version 26 to try that before i buy. Hence 2 questions:

1. Can you please extend my trial version?

2. If i purchase the pro version, will it still have this bug of audio/video not syncing?



Per the videoscribe help article, i download 1.3.26 from here- and yet the version in the application says 1.3.31. When i look at installed programs, the version is 1.3.26. In any case, the issue is not fixed. i do not have the audio syncing with the video. I need to see it working before i can purchase the product - any help is appreciated!



Hi Kalpana,

Version 2.0 is now available here Version 2.0 Download

Please try downloading and installing that and if you still have issues then let us know and we can investigate further.


I have also extended your trial for a few more days.


Thank you Andy. In this version, I am unable to publish the video to a local computer even to test if the audio is in sync with video. How do I verify that it works? Even in the last version, they played well in the software but after publishing I was able to notice the issue. Please let me know.

Thanks much!



When you publish your video you can publish to Powerpoint which will create a Powerpoint presentation with your scribe embedded. If you don't have Powerpoint on your computer then you can get the free Powerpoint viewer from Microsoft here Powerpoint viewer


This has the exact same problem. Inside the videoscribe everything plays fine whereas when converted to video in powerpoint, the audio or video is out of sync. Looks like the issue still exists.


Here are some common problems and solutions and suggestions:

1) please upload the movie file to this page (if you don't mind sharing it) so we can get a better idea of what the symptom is.
2) If you have a music soundtrack and you are experiencing any sound problems, set the music soundtrack to "loop" (the setting is at the bottom of the music selection screen in version 1.3.26
3) try a different player or upload to youtube, if you have multiple video players or extra codecs installed they can conflict with each other, and several users have commented that their video stutters in one player, but then plays fine in another player or when uploaded to youtube.
4) use "save as a NEW COPY and close" to save your scribe with a new file name and then render the new copy. This extra step has been shown to resolve some problems when the preview video does not match the rendered video.

I hope one of those tips helps!
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi, I finished a video but now I realize that I messed up in my audio. I can't access my account now because my free trial ended and I really need to because my project is due in the next 2 days. Can I please get an extension?

I did a very simple one again and it has exactly same issues. Now my trial has ended. Doesn't look like the issue is fixed. Has this bug ever been fixed?

Hi Kalpana, There have been no reports of a synchronising issue with audio and voice in version 2.0.

The version of VideoScribe that had the synchronising issue was withdrawn in December 2013 so the problem in the previous version you used would not have had this issue.

Thanks, Joe

Please can someone get back to me? I am absolutely desperate to get a few days extension on my free trial account. I love this program and intend upgrading to pro once I am financially okay. 

Hi Orlagh,

If you raise a new support question here we can communicate directly with you rather than on the forum



I really have need to buy you product for making youtube videos but right now i can't so  went with the trial to practice first but it expired without letting me complete my scribe . i cant access it right now . Is there a way i can get my trial extended just for 2hrs so i can complete that scribe.

Thanks for reading.

Hello sir i want to extend my free trial please do that i request you so that i can download my file for tomorrows lecture. I'll subscribe probably in coming week but i need my lecture tomorrow. Please i request you. Thanks

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