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Version 2.0 questions

I just watched the 4 videos on version 2.0. I tried to browse the board but your board  structure makes it hard. I wish it was like a real bulletin board where you had a forum for 2.0 topics only making it easier to find.

Ok, here are my questions and concerns. Please answer them all.

1. I searched and could not find how to backup even though i know it is listed somewhere. I want to backup all of my 1.3.26 video scribes before upgrading to 2.0. Why? I once lost all my scribes when upgrading so I need to be sure I have a backup before upgrading. I can't remember what folder or where you find the folder to back up? I'm  using windows 7.

2. When watching the training videos, there did NOT seem to be a way to add a pause for an element right on the time line like you could with 1.3.26. When syncing a voice over, quick access to the draw time and pause is essential. In the video, it looks like you can change the draw time for version 2 on the time line, but can you also add Pause to an element on the time line like you could in 1.3.26?

3. Shortcut keys are great. Do you have a list of all the shortcut keys you can use in version 2, somewhere. For example, can you still use CTRL + S for save. If you have a list for the shortcuts, please provide the URL

4. From reading the forum there seems to be an issue with 1.3.26 favorites loading in version 2.0. For a MAC user, Andy said in a reply that "you can clear by ctrl-click on an element in your recent history - you will see a 'clear history' button" Not sure what Andy is talking about? What about window users?  His reply is not clear how to clear 1.3.26 favorites when loading version 2.0. Please clarify.

5. Also tell Andy that is remark on the forum that certain features are covered in the training videos is simply not true. For example, the video showed the eye being clicked in the video without any explanation of its use. The training videos are so, so.

6. Lastly, some on the forum posted they are unhappy with version 2 and went back to 1.3.26 but no explanation how. I read somewhere on the forum once you install version 2.0 you can not go back to 1.3.26 and edit your 1.3.26 scribes. If I'm not happy with version 2 can I go back to 1.3.26 and reinstall a backup of my 1.3.26 scribes so I can continue to use 1.3.26 to edit the scribes i created with 1.3.26.

Please, please, please reply to each of the above 6 points. Usually I'm discouraged from asking you guys for help because your replies in the past were vague and short but I'm crossing my fingers you will thoroughly reply to each request above.



Hi Dan,

You might like to read the release notes here for an overview of version 2.0

1. You can backup your 1.3.26 scribes by right clicking (ctrl-click on a Mac) on each thumbnail in the home screen and selecting 'export to file' - this will create a .scribe file which you can store in a directory of your choice. Repeat for all of your scribes. You can do this for local and online scribes.

2. The user interface has been changed - you click on the image properties icon in the timeline

and you can then edit the various properties including the pause time

You can change the pause time by clicking on the + and - keys or click on the time itself and a popup window will appear where you can directly enter the time in seconds

So, if you want 5 seconds pause just enter 5 seconds in the box - much quicker than clicking on the 1.3.26 pause button 10 times.

3. Shortcut keys

Ctrl-C - Copy

Ctrl-V - Paste

Ctrl-X - Cut

Ctrl-Z - Undo - note this only works if the element is still selected so if you select an item and resize it Ctrl-Z will undo the resize but if you have clicked somewhere else on the canvas it will not work

Ctrl-+ and - zoom in and out

Ctrl-A - select all elements

Ctrl-click on an element on the timeline - add element to multi-select

Ctrl-P - preview your scribe

Ctrl-S does not work any more but you can now click on the Save icon and VideoScribe saves your scribe and allows you to carry on editing without closing the scribe

4. Ctrl-click on a Mac is the same as right click on a PC - so click on 'Add image' - VideoScribe will build thumbnails of your recent history, right click on one of the thumbnails and select Clear history.

5. We are currently preparing worksheets to compliment each of the tutorials and the use of the 'eye' will be explained in more detail in the worksheet. These will be available soon.

6. If you save a scribe with 2.0 you will not be able to open that scribe with 1.3.26 but you can uninstall 2.0 in Windows control panel (drag to trash on a Mac and empty the trash can) and reinstall 1.3.26 if you want to and then you can open any scribes that you have not saved with 2.0 or go back to your .scribe files that you created in 1. above.


 Hey Andy...may I ask again about #1 above (backing up scribes). I asked this question before but I can't find the reply. I can't even remember if it was the old forum or this forum where I asked that question.

The reply before was more useful. I can't remember the exact details but the person told me how to copy the whole folder in windows. There was a path he gave me, but I can' remember that path (I think the path had roaming in it).

Anyways, I have over 500 scribes so I would rather just copy the folder in windows that holds all my scribes to another drive as a backup. Could you tell me where that folder is in windows that I can copy?


Hi Dan 

We have sent this information to you before and we have just resent it to you by email.

Please confirm that you have received it and saved it for future reference.

500 is a lot of scribes to do manually so this will save you a lot of time.



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