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remove logo

I have purchased Pro but can't figure out how to remove the logo.

I can't see any info in FAQ's to advise

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1) Once your pro membership becomes active, the logo will not appear in new scribes. (Paypal sometimes takes several hours to process the initial recurring payment required to activate your pro status.)
2) You will need to re-render your older scribes to remove the logo. If the logo still appears, the most certain way to get rid of the logo in older scribes is to open the scribe, save a new copy of the scribe with a new name (in version 1.3.26 use "save as a NEW copy and close"), then open the new version and render it.

(This assumes that your account has been successfully upgraded to pro and the payment is not still "pending", "declined", or "applied to another account")

3) in version 2.0 for pro users the videoscribe logo appears in the lower right corner of the canvas when you are working but not in the rendered video. NOTE to Sparkol: Can we move that logo to someplace where it is not going to make users think it is a watermark? Maybe the top of the screen beside the preview playback button?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Reply for Mike Metcalf.

Thank you so much Mike for the answer, and also for getting back so quickly.

There is no way I could have possibly figured this one out for myself.  And I had spent quite some time going through everywhere on Videoscribe  hoping to find a clue.

My initial impression of this software is something pretty magical which I will greatly enjoy and appreciate.

kind regards,    david blenkinship

thanks Mike and David.  Point taken

You're very welcome David!

Also , if you want to see the logo removed from the work area, click "LIKE" in this suggestion thread:



I updated today on the Pro version and disappointed to find the logo still appears in my rendered video with no obvious way to remove.  Are you able to advise?



1) Confirm that your payment has been successfully processed by bluesnap
2) Confirm on your "Your account" page that your membership has been upgraded to pro
3) restart videoscribe
4) if necessary, save scribe with a new name and render again.
5) if you made more than one free account at some point, make sure you login to the program using the account that you have upgraded.
6) if all else fails, contact customer support

-mike(videoscribe user)


I've attached a logo of my own but now want to get rid of it......can't figure it out.....


On the same menu where you added you logo (the publish/render video menu),  just click the x beside your logo to delete it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I am a paying customer but for some reason the logo stayed on the video when i upload to YouTube. I have always been a paying customer so unsure why it is doing this?

Charlotte- can you please raise a ticket with our support team so we can take a closer look? If you can link the video as well to the ticket, that would be greatly appreciated!

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