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Video Won't Render

Our video is saved to the cloud and named BUTW2. Currently, it will not render as a video file no matter the size or format. It gets stuck on "Preparing Video Information" and does not move, even after hours. 

Would the support team be able to take a look?

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support will probably be able to get back to you when business hours resume.

One of the most common causes for failed renders in version 2.0 is a morph set to zero seconds. if you have a morph, you have to use a time greater than zero or change it from a morph to a draw or a move-in.

known bugs in version 2.0:

other issues that commonly contribute to freezing or crashing during rendering:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Randy, sorry you have this problem.

I have created a ticket for you and sent you a response.

I have imported the scribe file and have gone beyond the Preparing Video Information message.

Please check your email inbox for details on your ticket.

Thanks, Joe

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