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I am having issues with the images on my timeline moving around  and i can not get it to move where i need it to be with the mouse click fucntion. There use to be a button to move the frame. is there a keyboard command I can use. very frustrated at this point. 

Hi Dawna

Please check out the known issue about that here.  We have a fix on the way.


I am having a problem with my timeline sticking. When I move my mouse across the timeline, the timeline moves across from side to side and I have no control over it. When I insert a new image, my canvas shifts, and I have no control over it and videoscribe does not allow be to move images to a different position on the canvas.

I have downloaded and installed version 2,2, restarted and closed the program a number of times.

Please advise.

Hi Kelly, 

Sorry you have this issue with the timeline.

Have you checked the link Ian provided for VideoScribe 2.0 Known Bugs?

It could be the general issue with the timeline particularly on large scribes or if using a Mac and are selecting CTRL+click.

If you have and tried the suggestions and still have the problem, please raise a New Support Ticket,

save a copy of the effected scribe to your online (cloud) directory and let us know the name of it.

We will be able to investigate the issue for you.

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