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Love what the program does but unfortunately I hate it too


I credit you with a program that does what I would like it to do and to my knowledge nobody does it as well.

Ctrl z - doesn't work well enough for undo.

When it crashes I have to reboot because it wont let me log in again. It crashes to often. I have not managed to use the brush effect yet.

But I have to say (and it is only my opinion). I have developed and managed PC/Mac and Unix (and even Android)  software development for over 30 years mainly for banks and for loads of money. I have written for national computer magazines - reviewed software. I have lost count on how many products I have been in charge of developing. I have to tell you the program drives me mad - insane - like no other! It is like treading on egg shells because it is unforgiving if you make a mistake. It is so unintuitive. The way it works reminds me of programs in the late eighties. 

Here is my offer. I am happy to shape the design of this application going further for something off my subscription..



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So maybe this is a dumb question - but I tried to install BOTH versions in different folders.....(I know there will not be down compatibility of scribes but the ones in 1.3.26 will be usable in newer versions) - Probably not a very intelligent idea, but I hate removing a version that works for a version that may or may not work - it's a perenial problem with new software....has anyone actually dont this succesfully? I would like to be able to download the new version without removing the old.....

I'm not sure but i think they save files to the same location so there might be a conflict.

You could try creating two different user accounts on your computer and installing one version on each.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


i totally agree,

Love what the program dose but unfortunately i hate it too.

i can't stand hearing about great new versions that will be out when the one I'm using has a bunch of bugs and problems etc.... etc.... ....... BUT!!  i really hope 2.1 will be a lot better I'm cautiously optimistic. 

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