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Multi-Select - Move Along Timeline

Please add the ability to select multiple elements, and move them all in along the timeline.

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I am presuming this is the same feature as I want (not in 2.1.1) - is it?

I want to select all, copy, move to a blank canvas area then paste.

When I paste, the copies are still on top of the original and only 1 is selected - so there is no way to move all of the previously selected as a group to a new canvas area.

What is the point of select all, if the copies cannot be easily moved?

Am I looking for the same feature or am I using Select, Copy, Paste incorrectly?


I have worked out that it is possible to reselect all of the copied elements in the timeline and drag to new position - but it would be much nicer to paste as described above.


Yes I totally agree. Plus it would be nice if there was a way to group the object too.

It would be even nicer if the pasted items retained their original animation settings. Right now all items revert to "Draw" animation, even if set to "Move".

As of 2.3.7, multiple items still can not be dragged to a new position in the timeline (though they can on the canvas, as noted above). 

As of 3.1.x, multiple items still cannot be selected and moved in the timeline. How is this editing feature still missing after 4 years?

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