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music identification

I am trying to identify music used in a videoscribe that I completed several months ago.  A previous question was posted and two solutions suggested:

1.  Save it online and let the Sparkol team figure it out for me.

     -- How do you do this?

     -- Andy Hardyman posted this solution, but how do you contact him?

2.  export your VideoScribe file to a *.scribe file locally

     -- How do you do this?

Hi Mike,

saving your scribe online and letting us know the name of the scribe will be the easiest way for us to try to identify the track for you.

This is achieved by going to the save screen and, in version 2 naming the scribe and clicking on the clouds symbol. 

In version 1.3.26 going to the save ribbon, naming the scribe and selecting Save Online before clicking the single disk icon.

Let us know when you have done this and the name of the scribe and we'll have a look.

It is saved online as:  ServiceFirst Intro

Hi Mike,

I have created a support question with regard to this forum post.

You will receive an email with instructions of what to do next.



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