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Move Out Hand

 I'd like to figure out a way to make a hand 'remove' an image or text. Like a "move out".

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I could have sworn I saw such a thing in one of the tutorials. 

I don't want all of the images piling up on the canvas. I'm trying to create more of a slide show, making use of hands to move images in and use the animated text, but I want each item to be like a slide of its own, not creating a layering of content on the canvas.

Can't figure out how to remove things from the canvas but still leave on the timeline. :(

You can move an image off the canvas. You need to use the same image on another part of the canvas not focused on. Then use Morph to the image that is off your camera focus. It gives the illusion that the image is moving off the canvas.



That's clever - I like that :)


I can see usefulness in the morph method to simulate something moving off screen but think it would also be great to have a move out hand to be able to create 'commoncraft style' changes between scenes. e.g. a hand moves in, and wipes/drags everything off screen in one motion.

@Ron - that would be a great option.

I could swear the older version had that. In fact, I remember using a moving hand to move items off the canvas, but keeping the same timeline.

I have had some luck creating an erase layer (search "erase" in the image library - it is the solid white layer) on top of the object I want to disappear. Then I use the eraser hand and use a very short time period. The effect is the item is quickly erased. But I would much rather have a simple and easy solution.

Similar question - I noticed that when you move something in, the hand just disappears instead of moving off screen after the object is placed. Is there a setting to prevent that? That seems like a major over-site.

Thanks for your feature request, however, there is a similar request (Ability to move out) for this currently available.

For a better chance of the request being recognised and implemented, can you please upvote this request by visiting the post here and clicking on the 'Do you like this idea?' text.

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