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I couldn't past the language below. ( in Inkscape)

مەن بولسام تۇغۇلغان Neither videoscribe supports

Hi Talaiti

Sorry you're having difficulty with this.

I pasted the text above into VideoScribe with limited success.  It won't draw in 'BASIC' as the characters do not exist however if you were to pick a font that is on your machine which has these characters, and import it into VideoScribe, you should be fine.  This article may help you when considering importing fonts.

In Inkscape I made a space with the text editor and pasted the letters into it.  Then I clicked 'Object to Path' under the 'Object' menu before saving as a 'simple SVG' and got the attached SVG which, when imported into VideoScribe draws.  Note that, with the process above, it draws the outline first and then fills it in.  If you want to see it actually being drawn, please take a look at the drawing tips here.

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