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new computer


just sign in from a new computer and can't find the last video I made.  How come it's not saved in my account even if I'm using another computer?!


Locally saved scribes on one computer's hard drive cannot be accessed from another computer.

Scribes saved online (saved to the cloud) can be accessed from multiple computers using the same login information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the answer! Since my computer is broken, I did a backup on an extern hard disc, I believe the video is somewhere on it but can't find it cause when I saved the projet, it didn't ask me where to. I guess I lost it !

Thanks for your help!


This thread describes where locally saved scribes are stored on your hard drive:

If you did not back up those folders then you did not backup your scribes.

If you have those files backed up then I think you would have to copy them to the same location on your new hard drive and they would probably overwrite any scribes currently saved on your new computer. (so if you have any new scribes on your new computer, be sure to save them online before trying to recover your old scribes.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


thank you!

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