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Zoom at end checkbox in another place

Is it possible to give the 'zoom at end' box another place on the UI.

In the previous version it was on the preferences pane, which was Ok with me.

Now I first have to do a preview and sometimes have to be very quick to uncheck that box.

Maybe you can place that checkbox next to the timeline where you also set camera position, so it is always visible and accessible.


It took me quite a while to figure out where this featured disappeared to -- and as Toon pointed out, if you have a relatively short scribe, it's difficult if not impossible to un-check that behavior. Please put this option back on the main Preferences or Save Preferences screen in addition to the playback checkbox.

Speaking of which: Could you implement a way so that "Zoom at end" is turned off by default? My development colleagues and I never, ever use this feature -- and frankly find it distracting.



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