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I need to cancel my monthly subscription

Dear VideoScribe -- I logged into my account and tried to follow the instructions to cancel my subscription but there was no "Bluesnap control panel" to click on and then cancel.  Please help.  Please also clarify since I just paid on 7/26/2014 if I have a month remaining on my account -- meaning I can use videoscribe for another 3 weeks.  Thank you.  Sarah B.  (

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Hi Sarah,

I have converted this into a support question and we will be in contact soon


(If you have an older account using Paypal then you would cancel by logging into your paypal account)

Just a guess,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Noreen, sorry you're having issues cancelling.

Please Create a New Support Ticket if are still having this issue and we can investigate it for you.

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