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iPad App So Bad!

i bought videoscribe ipad app, im using ipad mini retina, and when i tried to open my pdf file with cloud, when file trying to download In the final section app will shut down! 

fix that problem, if you cant fix that give my money back. 

Hi Sefa, sorry you're having trouble. I'm a bit confused to your issue.

You mention you're trying to open a PDF file?

Please can you explain in detail what you're doing as VideoScribe on the iPad does not support PDF files.

The desktop version allows you to save the canvas as a PDF file but no the iPad.

If you can give a detailed account of what you're doing, I'm sure we can assist.

If you're having general crashing issues, please see this link for further advice -

Thanks, Joe

Hello joe, not pdf sorry. I mean file on cloud. Whats that name i dont know, pdf, svg bla bla really i dont know.

thats my problem, i hope you will understand me now :

Hi Sefa, 

I replied to your ticket a few moments ago.

Looks like the iPad is running our of Memory (RAM) when loading the scribe.

There are a few things you can check and if you can update your tickets with the results, it will give us a better understanding of the issue.

Thanks, Joe

okay i will do it and i will let you know in here. 

Hi Joe,

I applied your suggestion one by one. I think, problem is not about RAM. I tried to make another Scribe, it was opened issueless on iPad. 

That is to say, the Scribe file that I create it is failing and corrupted. I think this is a very unreasonable issue, according to me, quite likely problem is at Scribe's iPad application. iPad app already works bad and it always strain. Shortly before, I tried to create an animation on iPad and when animation started to string out, Scribe slowdowned and finally it shut down, my time (2 hrs) and animation go to waste

Can you try my Cloud file on your iPad? How can I send it to you? I want this, because if you have my Cloud file, you can understand the problem better. 

I tried out a few times, I deleted to sound file in the Scribe with the program on desktop and I tried to open with iPad but it didn't help. I used JPG photos, I deleted it but iPad app crashed at every turn. 

I care to this subject too much because we are thinking to buy Single Payment version ($665) for 2 different office PCs. But of course, PC app and iPad app should work concordantly with each other. We can not pay approximate $1200 for a fail program and its basic problems. 

I want to mention about my problem again shortly,

I created a Scribe with trial desktop app, I saved it to Cloud and after, I bought iPad app. When I want to open the Scribe file on iPad, iPad app crashed, file didn't opened. 

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sefa, we cannot guarantee that a scribe created on  a desktop will open on the iPad.
This is due to the different in capabilities of each device.

Not sure and am a bit confused about the amounts you're quoting.

The iPad app is £3.99 ($6.70 approx).

Apologies that the iPad app does not match your expectations.

If you're not happy with this, you can uninstall the application and get a refund -

Simply put it is likely that it is a memory issue as the amount of memory your PC has available for VideoScribe would outstrip what is available on the iPad.

As you mentioned you created another, smaller one and it works fine which would suggest it is the scribe file.

We are more than happy to look at the Scribe itself it you save it online.

Please do this and if you can update the ticket you created when you have we will investigate.

Thanks, Joe

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