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Default font size

Can we have a setting so that we can set a default size for a scribe. 


I am quite new to VS. Is there an easy way of having a default font size? When I create a text item the image is huge on the screen and I have to scale it. It is then difficult to ensure that there is font consistency across the whole scribe.


Good idea Norman.

A good way to keep all your items the same size would be to import your first image/text/element onto the canvas.

When you have it at the size, scale and position you like, set the camera. 

If you add items in the future, you can revert to this camera position by double clicking  the item in the element tray which will adjust to the position and then import the next item.

Thanks, Joe

I wish the text edit window would allow setting the font size!
Similarly, I wish I could control the size of objects numerically. Please add these functionalities.


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