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mathematical formulas


we are trying to get mathematical formulas to work in Videoscribe using the recommended CodeCogs editor

When we play out the svg in VideoScribe we get a lot of invisible scribble at the start, and outline of the text with fill  rather than just drawing text intuitively. Are there other settings that should be enabled?


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Hi Richard, Looks like the equations are SVG format but there is no stroke attached to the file.

I imported the equations into InkScape and added a stroke.

There is a difference in the format once you add the stroke as the default stroke thickness is set to 1.407 although you can change this to 1.00.

Attached is the original and the one I have added a stroke to and set the stroke width to 1.0

Thanks, Joe

Thanks Joe for your help. There is some improvement with your file, but unfortunately it still does not draw naturally, as it outlines some parts of the letters/numbers, and I would struggle to get my teachers to do the additional step. In fact we were hoping that using the codecogs input would cut out the step of creating custom svgs manually altogether. It still may be quicker for SMEs to draw out their equation on the iPad with a stylus.
Has anyone else found an equation editor with a Videoscribe compatible SVG output?


Sadly, the formulas look very bad. Is there any chance that Sparkol will add a feature to write formulas directly in Videoscribe?

Otherwise, could you please create a video which exactly explains the steps to create great looking formulas in Videoscribe?

Thanks in advance


The tutorial on Scribing multiple language fonts will help you with this - the principles are the same.

You can request this as a feature on our feature request section of the help site - to have maths equations available directly in VideoScribe.



Thank you, Matt.

The tutorial shows the problem very clearly: The hand in VideoScribe is drawing just the contour of the new font. That's exactly the problem with math formulas.

Is there any way to draw the letter/sign as just one line?



I have created the attached SVG and it seems to draw well in VideoScribe.

I downloaded a codecogs image as an SVG and followed the same principal as in the following tutorial:

Please let me know if this is the effect you are looking for.



Hi Matt,

that's exactly what I have expected. Phantastic. But it is an enormous effort to do this with every math formula. I hope there will be a much easier way in future :)



I have submitted this as a feature request.

The more people who like this post, the more chance there will be of it getting into a future release.



Hello! Yes, I would really like this feature! I followed the link above (the YouTube video) but both examples were using Illustrator. There wasn't an Inkscape example (at least I didn't see it).


This feature would be a game changer. I do not know a way of math scribing. VideoScribe is by far the best possible software to do this. Showing math svg files naturally is what we want.

Hi All, If you are wanting Mathematics text and formulae to be scribed as videoscribe does for standard text then go to the link below and like. I have been on these forums for years and today is the first time I have seen the link below. You must LIKE it!!!!!!!

I hope there is progress being made on the math symbols.  I appreciate all the discussion here and efforts made to possibly include the symbols as standard fare in Videoscribe for those of us who may be technically challenged.  I still have never found the "like" button!


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Can we have mathematical characters in VideoScribe so we do not have to do them as SVGs.

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All the best.

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