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Changes not saved :(

Hi, When I re-opened VideoScribe, a message popped up that asked if I wanted to open a version with unsaved changes from the last close. I said no (because it was acting buggy when I closed it, so wanted to see if I could open the recent project without having those bugs) and it took me back to a very old version of my scribe. Even changes I had made the last time weren't saved :(

Is there a way to retrieve/open my MOST RECENT saved version? In order to retrieve those changes I had made before I closed the application last?

Hi Sarah,

Sorry that you have had this issue. 

Unfortunately after you have selected 'no' when that option comes up those changes are lost and you will only have access to the last version of your scribe you manually saved.

Hi Daniel,

I have a separate question. My free trial expired (I have a saved project I'm still working on), so I yesterday purchased the 5 - user license business discount package, under the company name Zoho. 

I have not yet been upgraded nor received any kind of email. Is there a way to check if that purchase went through?


Hi Sarah,

I will convert this post to a support ticket as we may need to discuss account information.


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