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SVG Problem


Sometimes an SVG file does not draw properly - really annoying. I have attached file.

How do I know what version of Video Scribe I am using? How do I know that I should update?

How do you do basic animation - like a "thought bubble" growing out animation rather than straight forward draw.

Is it possible to move a picture - like a car driving?

I find scrolling around the screen irritating. It often puts me back to where I started?

Moving slides up and down definitely has some bugs or very poor usability..



1) watching the tutorial videos will help you learn a lot about the basic use of videoscribe:
version 2 tutorial videos and worksheet
version 1 tutorial videos


Also searching these help threads or doing a google search will return answers to many common questions.

2) videoscribe draws stroked paths and then by default, filled areas just appear. Your SVG is composed almost entirely of filled areas, except for the word balloon which is a stroked path. How to make SVGs that draw well:

3) what version am I using? if you are using version 1 you log in and click the pen in the upper left:

for version 2 you login and click the question mark in the lower right corner.

4) How do I know that I should update? If you are not experiencing any show stopping bugs, then you may not have a reason to ugrade yet. Watch the video tutorials mentioned in #1 above, And it is probably a good idea to browse the help threads reporting bugs with version 2. There are a variety of problems with rendering, uploading and sound that do not seem to have clear solutions yet.

5) for basic animation: search for tutorials, help threads, or instant answers about morphing to see if that feature will fit your needs.

6) for moving a car: again, see tutorials or threads about morphing, also the "move-in" feature instead of "drawing", or pan the camera in one direction to make an image on the canvas seem to move in the opposite direction. There is currently not a way to move a car while the wheels rotate, or a way to move a car along a curving path, but a straight line may be achievable, especially if the car is the only image visible on the canvas.

7) for scrolling around the canvas: read about "set camera". If you want the camera to stay where you place it for a certain element (image) then you have to use "set camera" with that element selected. camera setting tips

8) there are no actual slides, there is just one huge canvas and you can move the camera from place to place, tutorials about setting the camera may help you with that.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Cannot say how much I appreciate you answers.. I obviously have a lot to learn. This is an important product for me.

Best wishes


PS Keep helping people - it is great!

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