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Mathematical Characters

Can we have mathematical characters in VideoScribe so we do not have to do them as SVGs.

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Hi people of the videoscribe family,

As I could not stand the fact that getting expressions and equations in videoscribe is rather cumbersome, I wrote my own equation editor, which will output SVG file, ready for videoscribe. It took me more time then I expected, but the first version is ready to be used in my humble opinion. You can find the software at "". To be honest I did not spend much time at making the reader, but can always be done. Attached is an example in mp4 fomat (smaller files).

I haven't visited the link or tried the editor but that video looks very good!


Hello Otto, 

Thanks for your input on this issue and for again spending your time creating something to help the wider community. 

We've had a look and it does produce SVGs that work well in VideoScribe. None of us here at Sparkol are Mathematicians though so can't really put it through its paces in terms of the complexity of expressions and equations it can create. But this forum is full of people who will have lots of examples they would like to try so we will leave that to them and I am sure they would be happy to share their thoughts and feedback. 

Just a note to anyone thinking of using this application the code for this is not written or controlled by Sparkol and you are linking to a website that is outside of our control to download an application. With that in mind please note the following regarding the link to on this forum.

Disclaimer: We like this software, and it has performed well during ordinary use, but we have not undertaken any in-depth testing and we have not checked it for the presence of malware or any potentially harmful behaviour, so you download and use it at your own risk and we do not accept any liability for any loss or damage it may cause. 



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