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Exporting Videos


Every time I try to export a scribe the format is never supported. I can't upload the videos to youtube or even play them on my PC using windows media player.

Please HELP!!


which formats have you tried rendering your scribe to?

You could save your scribe to your online directory, let me know the name and I could have a look at it if you like.


At the moment of exporting my video, it alters the distribution of the content & so there images over another, texts too, and there are also element that don't even appear! 

It's urgent for me to export the video, but it has these flaws, could you help me please?

Hi Regina
That is a bug that happens with any element if you use MOVE-IN with a zero animation time.

either change the animation time (for each element) to a number greater than zero or change the animation TYPE from MOVE-IN to DRAW with a zero animation time.

If the problem is something different, save your scribe as a .scribe file and attach  it here or save it to the cloud and tell customer support the name of it.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)

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