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Duplicating sequences

I have created a sequence of imagery and text, and would like to duplicate that sequence dozens of times to follow the first, then edit the text in subsequent sequences. I can't seem to find a way to do that on version 1.3.26. I've read about the function of copying multiple components not being available in this version but I'm not sure if that's what I need or if there's a simple method of duplicating and, as a novice, I'm just missing it.  Thanks! 

Hi Marianne,

there is no copy and paste or duplicate function in version 1.3.26.

The only way is to add each element individually.

The latest version 2.0.2 has the copy and paste functionality.

Please read the notes 'Upgrade from version 1.3/1.4 to version 2' before ugrading to version 2.0.2.


Hi,I am using trial version 3.0.9-3(windows 7 pc).

I am trying to copy some preloaded images in the scribe to create their duplicate copies,

However ,the copy paste buttons given in the toolbar don't work and also keyboard shortcuts for the same do not work . 

I don't want to goto the Add images tab all the time to create copies of preloaded images.

Is there any other wayeasier to copypaste preloaded images?


Hi Star,

A support ticket has been raised for your query.

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