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Cancel Subscription

I'd like to cancel my subscription. I paid by credit card.

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Hi Masrine,

You can cancel your subscription by following the steps in this instant answer.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with this process.

This link isn't working

This link doesn't work

It looks like they have changed some things on the Instant Answers page at some time since that answer was posted 7 months ago.

The new cancellation link which is still on the Instant Answers page:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I need to cancel my subscription. I used and paíd it one year ago, but I dont want it any more.

I want my money return.

What do I need to do...

Karina, you have posted on 3 times on separate forums. I'll respond here

I need to cancel my subscription.


I think your website design has change since you made the tutorial, so I can’t find the link ‘’Subscriptions and Involces’’. Can you help me with that problem.

click the ACCOUNT link at the top of this page then click "Subscriptions and Invoices". It's still in pretty much the same place:

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