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Hej i have made a videoscribe. and when i make a prewiev of the video it is okay but when i convert it to at video file ore a PowerPoint the Pictures in the video dont fit on the screen the fly around like crazy, at the same time i would like to know why the Pictures ar hacking when they are leaving the screen.


thank you


I am not familiar with  the problem that you are describing.

I would recommend that you save your scribe and close videoscribe.Then open videoscribe, and open your scribe, and  render your video again.

If that does not help, then you may want to attach the video here or provide a link to your video on youtube so we can see the problem more clearly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

ok i will attach the video if it dont Work Again thanks.

hej i have done what you told me but it didnt help can you please tjek my scribe, how can i show it to you, it is too big to attach here.

Hi Soren,

Sorry you have this issue. It is not something I have seen before.

Are you able to save the scribe to your online (cloud) directory.

When you have done this, please create a new support ticket.

Please let us know the name of the scribe in the support ticket details and we can investigate the issue for you. 

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