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Morph - Colors and Jump

I'm having two problems with morph...

1. It doesn't keep the colors of the items.  

Is morph a blank and white only thing.  Or maybe a stroke only thing?

2. My morph has a serious jump.

It's made up of four images overlaid on each other and they all have the same camera angle.  It draws the first one (where it should be) then shifts 3-4 inches to the right to morph - without colour :( - and then flashes the final second image in the original position.  I've tried morph with other images and it works - wondering if my SVG is wonky?

I've attached a video of it to demo.

Any advice or help would be appreciated.

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During a morph, all colors and fills disappear. All stroked paths become 100% opaque and black.

You can upload the scribe if you want specific feedback about the problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Shani,

As Mike has advised, the morph transforms the image path lines and is not in colour.

I think that flicking effects is because you may have a number of copies of the image in that position.

This is most likely cause by copying all the items and pasting them. You should be able to confirm this by checking the items in the timeline. 

"During a morph, all colors and fills disappear. All stroked paths become 100% opaque and black." - that makes almost impossible to use morph in professional doodle videos, especially when you use color in items which are supposed to be morphed. Morphing still looks terrible in Videoscribe. Here is the example of such "beautiful" morph: 

I use videoscribe to make professional doodle videos and I suppose there are many people who earn money with Videoscribe. I always try to avoid using morphing in my videos but still there are many cases in which morphing without any distortion could be a better option. 

Videoscribe team please consider this in your future releases. 

yes. i really need to move objects from one place to another. same with growing and shrinking without breaking the color or lines on svg files. 

this is holding me back from buying. I'm thinking of alternative software now.

any plans to address this issue in a future release? It's come up a lot in my scribes! I love Videoscribe, but I will have to consider alternatives for my next project.

Let me move this topic to the feature requests board so people can vote on it as we don't seem to have an active feature request on the board for this. 

Should be able to click like on the original post now to vote on this and push it up the priority list

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