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Is there a place or a file where I could go to see all the images at the same time such as thumbnail file in Explorer. I find it difficult when I am looking for a particular type of image from the video scribe images I will open one up and if not the correct image I have to go back through the whole process again.

So I guess my question is there a place where I could look at the images using Explorer or if it's not available today  or is it something that  you might be working on.

I find locating an image  with in the application  is difficult at best  because the size of the image  you cannot always tell  what the image looks like  until you open it.



Hi Fred, 

Currently there is not a a default location accessible to view all the stock images.

It is however, something we are looking to include in the next incarnation of Videoscribe.

Thanks Jonny as always quick turnaround to any question we ask your the best


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