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Hi. I can´t record the voiceover. I´m using Realtec high definition audio micrófone built-in

Appears at the bottom  left "Processing" but nothing happens

thanks you

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1) Are you able to make your microphone work right now with other programs?
2) Have you tried restarting videoscribe?
3) Have you tried recording your voiceover using a free program like audacity? (requires a LAME plugin to save as mp3)
4) Have you tried recording your voiceover before you add any images to your scribe?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi. it's possible to record the voiceover. But I can't save and fix it - if I try it, nothing happens

Hi Gabriele,

Sometimes, if you are having trouble saving your scribe, it can be caused by an issue with the music track (not the voiceover). If you have a music track on your scribe, try removing it saving again.

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