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Hand draws over image three times before finished?

I have very simply gone and used the pen tool in illustrator to go over a letter, saved as SVG and imported it into video scribe. When played it goes over the letter three times, starting with a sketchy line and building it up? I want it to go over the letter just once. 

Very new to the software and workflow, if someone could help me with this that would be great. 


Hi Nizaam,

Thanks for your question.

We generally advise to use the pencil tool when creating SVG's although you may get other suggestions from other users.

You may find This Tutorial helpful if you're looking for the basic SVG principles for VideoScribe.

Also there is a lot of helpful information in our Working with Images Instant Answers section.

Thanks for the reply Joe, I have looked at that tutorial a few times. But you see I want to import a logo into video scribe compromised of specific lettering I do not have a font file for. So for this, how should I go about doing it? The pencil tool is not accurate enough with my wacom to perfectly recreate this logo? 

Sounds like you have stroked paths in your logo that videoscribe is drawing in addition to your pen tool paths.

1) lock the layers with your transparent pen tool paths. Unlock all other layers if they are locked
2) If there are any actual fonts, select them and use: Type>Create Outlines
3) select any remaining paths (but not the new lines you made with the pen)
4) from the menu, use: Object>Path>Outline Strokes 

That will convert all of your stroked paths and fonts to fills so that only your pen lines (if you made them correctly) will draw in videoscribe

If there are things like clipping masks, glows, or gradients in your logo, they may cause problems.

If that information doesn't help, you could attach your SVG here for more specific feedback.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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