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Free Trial


How long does the free trial version lasts?

The free trial membership remains active for seven days.


-Mike (vidoescribe user)


How do you get to the screen to try a video it doenst give me the check mark

Only paying members can render video files to their computer hard drives. Free trial users can export directly to facebook, youtube or powerpoint (maybe also, I'm not sure).

If you are asking something else, please describe the question more thoroughly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


есть проблема - я просто не могу поставить русский текст в мое сообщение. как я могу добавить русский словарь, поэтому я могу сделать видео с текстом на русском языке сообщение в ней?

 Where is the function "delete account"? I can´t find it and in 6 days my free trail is running out.

Please help me.

Hi Ani,
There is no "delete account" option. When your free trial ends, your account automatically becomes inactive and you can no longer login to or use the software.

 If you wish to continue using Videoscribe after your free trial, you will have to upgrade and provide payment information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


If I had a free trial and created a video and my trial expired, is the video saved and still accessible if I decide I can pay for a subscription?

if you SAVED the project on your computer or in the cloud folder, it will remain there until you delete it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Do you know, if its public or other can see my video?

 I believe this topic has been covered in your other thread.


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