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Im having real difficulty moving things on my timeline - on an ipad it is easy to sometimes accidentally drag something to the wrong place - but then it won't move back - this seems to be a particular problem when trying to drag something to the first scene?

Scenes also seem to be hiding between one another preventing me moving them? This is very frustrating.

Hi Liz, 

Does this occur all the time, on any scribe or does it only seem to happen on longer scribes? Does the problem persist if you close and reopen VideoScribe?

If this is happening on a particular scribe, please save the scribe to your online directory (cloud icon), let us know the name and we can take a look for you.

Also, just for information, we have removed the iPad app from the app store while we work to make improvements and bug fixes.

The awesome future of VideoScribe mobile.


The scribe was only short and did persist - I have ended up buying the computer version to get around this. But I have another question - I have added audio to my scribe - but want the audio to run for about 5 seconds before the scribe starts drawing my first object on the scene. Is this possible?


1) add any image as the first element in your scribe, it might as well be something with a very small file size.
2) set the animation time to 5 seconds or whatever time you want.
3) click "set camera".
4) move the element somewhere out of the view of the camera.
5) you may also want to set the hand to "no hand".


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