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Can't Move Elements

Hi, I'm currently using the trackpad on my Macbook Pro laptop. Whenever I try to move elements, only the canvas moves. I can't move the elements at all. I have a deadline so please help!!

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Dont click on the element in the workplace, instead click on the small image on the bottom timeline and then use the right or left buttons to move the element.
I you happen to  accidentally move the canvas just click twice on the small image on the timeline, this  will reset the position of the element


This is not working for me. 

I was trying to move from my original screen- worked fab- and now trying to create new "scene"

Firstly, tried all the move canvas tips but could;t place elements where I wanted to. So I have now created a new scribe..... now I can't position elements at all. 

Is this a Mac bug. 

Love this product but beginning to wish I had;t bothered. There must be simpler ways of dealing with this. 

Any help appreciated. 



Difficulties after using Ctrl+click on a Mac

Some Mac users have reported a loss of functionality after using the Ctrl+click command in VideoScribe, please avoid using this command or alternatively enable the right click function your mouse/trackpad.

You can set your Apple mouse or trackpad up so that it right clicks thus avoiding issues related to using the Ctrl key.

To set up your mouse:

1. Go to 'System Preferences'

2. Click 'Mouse' or 'Track-pad'

3. Click 'Secondary click' so the check-box has a tick in it

Your mouse or trackpad is now set up to right click.

Wonderful. Thank you for such a speedy response. 

Now back in love with it again. 


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