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Hi there,

i want to move a object(svg picture) from above to below. i used morphing but it wil not move below.

Please can someone help me.

i whant to make a moneybag en from above fallig money in to the bag.

i hope you can help me. 

Hi Marc,

To make one image change into another in VideoScribe:

Place an image on the canvas, duplicate the image by selecting it in the timeline, then clicking the 'Copy' (two page) and 'Paste' (clipboard) icons.

Place the second image where you would like the morphing image to finish

Open 'Image properties' for the first image by selecting it in the timeline and clicking the page icon. Change the image from 'Full colour' to 'Outline'.

Open 'Image properties' for the second image, and change the animate effect from 'Draw' to 'Morph'. Choose the first image from the options given under 'Morph from'. Uncheck the 'Clear Item' box to ensure the first image is not left behind.

Adjust the animate time and select the tick to finish.

To morph in multiple stages, simply duplicate the second image and repeat the process with each image that comes afterwards.

This effect will not work with text.

Learn more advanced morphing techniques with this tutorial – VideoScribe v2 tutorial 4

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