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Scribe saved online but don't know how to open to edit

 I made a scribe on a different computer and is saved online. However, on my home computer I don't see the scribe when I open the videoscribe. Then, I go to my sparkol account and I see it there. But, I don't know how to save it and open it on this other computer to continue editing the video. I save it, but then can't find it and it won't open on windows media player or any other program.

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Log in to the same videoscribe account on the new computer.
After you log in, on the scribe selection screen , click the clouds icon to view online scribes (it should look similar to the second thumbnail image in the screenshot attached here).

 Then you should see your online scribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I cant open it why. I make sparkol account

Please provide a better description exactly what you want to accomplish, specifically what steps you are taking, what you expect to see, and what is happening instead.

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