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Having trouble subscribing

 Video scribe will not accept mt Credit Card.  My card is gold!  I can not use this program for this reason!

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Hi Kory,

I would recommend that you contact your card issuer about this as it could be that they are not allowing the transaction to go through as maybe it looks suspicious to them.

I have tried many different cards. None accepted. Is your payment system down?

Suzanne, our payments system seems to be working fine. Have you spoken to your card providers to see if they are blocking the transaction?


My master card is not being accepted. I spoke with my card providers they confirmed that there is no issue with the card.

Could you let me know soon please

If you have been in contact with your card provider to see if they are blocking and they have said they aren't then I would suggest trying the following:

1. If paying with PayPal is an option for you, see if that payment method works any better for you

2. If that does not resolve the situation, please let us know what kind of licence you are trying to purchase and register the card details you would like to use on the link below and we can try and process the payment for you manually. 

3. If that fails you would need to call us and we could try the card on another system over the phone.

I've been trying to use my credit card, but it's constantly rejected.

I've contacted my card provider, but they said everything's ok. 

What can I do?

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