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Stilling money

I only agree to subscribe for a month and you guys taking money for 3 months I did not know I had to cancel when I signed for only a month I cancel subscription today anyway and you guys charged today again I tried to contact with you guys throw emails however you guys never return my email Very disappointed

I don't know what their refund policy is, but click the RAISE A TICKET link at the top of the page to contact support and ask for a refund. Then allow at least one business day for them to look into your request.

(For future reference, the BUY page states VERY clearly that the monthly payment is a "recurring" payment which means you will be billed every month until you cancel. The page also states that you can cancel at any time. )

If you think that you did not cancel your subscription correctly, click the YOUR ACCOUNT link at the bottom of this page to see the status of your account and a link to the cancellation page.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have the same issue! Did you get your refund?

If that person canceled, she is probably not visiting this website any more.

RAISE a TICKET to contact customer support if you have a question about billing or cancellation.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


VideoScribe is offered as a recurring subscription meaning you are signing up to be billed on an ongoing basis until you cancel. We do not offer a single month/year option for VideoScribe although you can cancel this subscription (please see the cancellation instructions.) at any time. When you sign up via our website, you are advised that you are setting up a recurring subscription (please see screenshot below).

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