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First Image in Scribe is being replaced by text??

Something I am doing is causing the first SVG in my scribe to be replaced by a text object. It has happened several times tonight so I assume I'm doing something without knowing it. I have duplicated numerous text objects at the end of the file and updated them with new text. When I go back to the beginning, one of the text images has replaced the SVG. I have also had trouble deleting the text object. I "saved-as" and reopened the file before I was able to delete the text object.

Any clues what I'm doing wrong?


Hi Ray,

This does sound odd.

If you can save a copy of the scribe online so we can take a look at it, we will be able to investigate.

Once saved online, please raise a support ticket and let us know the name of the scribe and we can take a look.

It will be helpful to also attach the original SVG file as well.

I receive an error message when I save online, although the file appears to be saved.

I have experienced the issue with both scribes saved to my account, although their current state does not exhibit the problem.

To share more detail, not only is the first image replace, I am unable to delete it. The timeline thumbnail appears to change, but reverts back to the wrong image. I am only able to recover by saving the file and reopening it. Then the first image can be replaced. I'll try to save a version online next time it occurs.

Hi Ray,

Sorry you hear you have issues saving online.

If this continues, please Let us know the error message and we can investigate.

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