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How to "Deselect All"?

I am zoomed up on a selected object and want to pan the camera. How do I "deselect all" so I can use the "pan" tool? The current frame is fully occupied by the selected object.

Found an answer: "Command+Shift+Click" (Mac) will deselect an image. Still not sure how to "Deselect All", but this works for now.

I think....
in the timeline, if you click an element that is not currently on the visible canvas, it will deselect everything else, then you can command+shift+click to deselect the last element.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks, Mike.

Actually, I've found I Command+shift+click directly on a select item to deselect it. It doesn't solve the need for a "Deselect All" command, but it sure helps.

Hi Ray to deselect, click on an empty part of the canvas. 

Joe, sometimes it is not possible to click on a "blank" area of the canvas. I found I can "Cmd+shift+click a selected image to deselect it. Ray

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