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Using my own drawings?

I have recently brought video scribe and i really want to use some of my own drawings however i want the pen to draw my lines not move over it can this be done and how can i do it? be realy good for a video tutorial showing a detailed drawing in illustrator to video scribe. i have seen one but its just a spiral i need to draw people please help.

also i have notices when i use some of the texts the I letter seems squashed and dose not look right please fix this......

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Hi Winterton, thanks for your question.

We have a number of Instant Answers and a very detailed Blog post on how to create images to use in VideoScribe.

The Spiral technique you saw is a demonstration of  how you can create an SVG. You can apply that technique to any image.

We mainly use Adobe Illsutrator for images in our library and the links above specify how we create them.

There are many other tutorials available on the web for tools such as InkScape.

I have listed a few of these below:

Handy tutorials from Mark Pearson's channel
Using Inkscape to create an image for use in sparkol videoscribe

Inkscape Paint Bucket to create a sparkol videscibe

Using Inkscape to create a paint brush effect in sparkol

Using Inkscape to create text for sparkol videoscribe

Handy Tutorials from Useful Graphic Design Tutorials (playlist)

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