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Can't save scribe video

I spent more than three hours to create a video, but when I tried to save download it, the app suddenly crashed. I tried to open it thousand times, but it just loading and then crashed again. How to fix this? I desperately need to download the video T.T

Asma, without seeing the scribe it's hard to be completely sure and if you would like us to take a proper look please save your scribe it to your online cloud folder and send us it's name. 

However on the information you gave me I would say that you probably have a fair few larger imported images in your scribe and are using effects or extreme zoom (outside the 10%-1000% range) on some of your camera positions. This causes a lot of memory usage and can cause the scribe to crash.

If that's the case then you need to make sure your scribe is set as close to 100% zoom as possible throughout the camera positions and this will reduce the memory usage and increase performance.

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