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How can i add a russian words?


How I can use russian words here?

This link doesn't exist.


that page does exist, I have just copied that link and visited it

In case you still can't get to it at the moment that page reads:

Use Cyrillic characters

Not all fonts that support Cyrillic characters will work in VideoScribe although there are a number that do. The following fonts are compatible:

Microsoft Sans Serif

Lucida Sans

Segoe Script

Trebuchet MS

Third party fonts suggested by our customers:

Rosamunda Two

Cyrillic Pixel-7

How to use Cyrillic fonts in VideoScribe

Open your canvas and select 'Add text' (T icon), then 'Available fonts' (F icon). the screen will show all your available system fonts
Choose one of the suggested fonts. VideoScribe will begin to load the font
You may be asked if you want to continue when VideoScribe has installed just the basic characters. Load them all.Type your message in the box and select the tick to finish
The text will appear onscreen. Select the text in the timeline and click 'Text properties' (page icon) to edit how the text is drawn.

Thank you, Barry

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