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Color of Pens, Crayons etc...

One of the major continuity issues with this product is that the color of the font often does not match the color of the pen itself.  For instance, a black sharpie should write black and green one should write green.  This would mean a change in the color palette should be applied to the pen too.  Hard to believe this question hasn't been raised yet, but stranger things have happened.


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Hi Jeff,

Many users will change the colour of the text to fit the pen they've selected rather than the other way round. 

This is because the font/image being drawn can be  adjusted, whilst the colour of the pen would only be adjusted by inserting another image of a hand holding that colour of pen.

A colour palette swap would not be available for this.

I suggest upvoting this request here, as it is a request to increase the library of hands available in VideoScribe.

In your case, additional hands with different coloured pens would be more beneficial than the selection currently available. 

I hope this helps.


Sparkol Support Team

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